Centre for Small and Medium Business

The center for small and medium projects limited (CSMP) is an independent limited liability company which provides consultancy and business support services, complimenting services offered by the CPA firm.
The company, like the CPA firm focuses on small and medium sized enterprises. It provides strategy solutions to SMEs. The course support services provided by the company include the following;

  •  Accounting and book-keeping on continuing and adhoc basis as required by the client organization.
  • Payroll processing and administration.
  • Tax management
  • Internal auditing.
  • IT-support–selection and installation of hard and software.
  • Training Training in accounting packages.
  • Market intelligence studies
  • Financial restructuring
  • Community health project management.
  • Project financial evaluation and management.
    Together the CPA and C SMPL make up the center for small and medium enterprises.

Enterprises intermediary organizations and consultants must describe the situation and the exact nature of the activity. They must also clearly defined the type of assistance requested.
A catalog on the range Of services is available on request. Requests for assistance can be directly addressed to CSMP.

CSMP is an institution created within the framework of the poverty elevation strategy formulated by the government of Kenya and financed by sponsors. It’s objective is to ensure the development of professional SME and organizations operating in the private sector. It is developed from philosophy of the World Association of small and medium enterprises into brackets (WASME).
CSMP may call upon and mobilize other financing programmes from development organization to investing promoting agaencies with which CSMP has partnership agrrements.

  • The CSMP provides effective support to assist
    one) The creation expansion diversification and restructuring of small and medium enterprises with the perspective of profitability and development impact.
  • Improvement in competitiveness.
  • Strengthening the capacity of intermediary organization such as national and regional professional associations, private sector promoting agencies and financial institutions.
  • Capacity building to improve the skills and competence of consultants and advisory companies.
  • Organize matchmaking meetings
  • Promote and facilitate technical commercial and financial partnerships between CSMP and entrepreneurs.
  • Inform can you and business people of partnerships and investment opportunities in Kenya C0MESA countries and beyond.
  • Strongly support all actions aimed at achieving the original integration of COMESA countries.

In principle, all sectors are eligible but in accordance with its stated mission priority is given to SMEs projects that have a high impact and development, preserve the environment and are based on responsible management.

Small and medium enterprises during faces of creation extension diversification or restructuring.
Private sector organizations and investment promoting organizations including technical and training centers that focus upon development programs for enterprises.
CSMP consultants and advisory companies with the potential to specialize or diversified to acquire new methods adapted to the needs of companies.
Development finance institution, which six support in the identification and evaluation of projects and assistance to implement projects given financial support.

Assistance for enterprises
Pre-investment Phase

  • Definition of the project
  • Studies of pre-feasibility and feasibility
  • Market studies
  • Search for technology
  • Search for partners
  • Financial engineering
  • Assistance in legal framework
  • Pre-production assistance
  • Capacity building-training
  • Technical assistance
  • Training of proof personnel (shirts and medium term)
  • Diagnostics and audits (technical financial management)
  • Management assistance
  • Marketing assistance
  • Specific technical assistance (environment, quality standards)
  • Assistance for their own management (including transferring of know how and training personnel.)
  • Establishing contact between organizations working in the same area of activity in order to establish partnerships.
  • Technical assistance to support the organization’s own programs for members Enterprises (search for market and partners, financing information etc)
  • Specific training of consultants to evaluate and prepare the semi projects with the aim of presenting them to investors (technical assistance investments).
  • Additional technical training of consultants
  • Establishing contacts with other advisory companies next time in collaboration with the other small Enterprises partners CSMP may carry out studies in collaboration with other corporation organizations on joint programs for promotion, Investment and assistance to enterprises.